Great Lakes

​Lake Mutanda & Bunyonyi

Water like liquid silver, unrestrained by a circular shoreline, free to flow around small wooded islands, reflecting sky and the dragon’s teeth of ancient volcanoes. A view so beautiful you hold your breath upon first sight, fearful that any movement will dissolve the image before you. 

Reasons to go

Located in the far southwest of Uganda, close to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, you will find a place of unbelievable natural beauty. 

Lakes Mutanda and Bunyonyi form the core of what has been called’ the Switzerland of Africa’. Formed by river valleys long-dammed by volcanic eruptions, the lakes form an ever-changing waterscape punctuated by small wooded islands. The shoreline rises through terraced farmland into forested hillsides and up onto the slopes of the seven volcanoes. 

On a still day, the light of an aging day is reflected from the surface of the water in exquisite detail, making the lakes the perfect relaxation destination after the exertions of gorilla tracking or a long exploration of Uganda.

Whilst the views are spectacular, they are not the only reason to visit. The lakes are increasingly also a place to visit for those who want to discover more about the life of local rural communities or to just be more active after days spent mainly on the road. 

Exploring the waters in traditional dug out canoes or moto boats can be combined with community treks and bicycle rides.

The lakes are also close enough to the forests to act as a single base for gorilla and golden monkey treks as well as rest and relaxation. Bwindi’s southern sections of Nkuringo and Rushaga are under 2 hours away when the road is good.

Places to stay

Bunyonyi has the greatest number of accommodation options. The two most popular and most reliable are Birdnest and Arcadia Cottages. 

Birdsnest is an established favourite first established in the mid ‘60s. Now a four storey hotel, it has a unique style throughout and a wonderful dining room leading out to a decking area with beautiful views of the lake.

Arcadia Cottages are located further away from the shore but in a spectacular ridge-top position. It is difficult to overstate the impact of the view! Each of its 25 guest cottages share in the beautiful view.

On Lake Mutanda, Chameleon Hill Lodge is a distinctively designed, colourful, small lodge made up of 10 chalets and a cosy communal area. Set in an elevated position above the lake, the lodge has wonderful views of Virunga Volcanoes. The food is excellent and the wood fire in the communal living area really makes for a cosy evening when the temperature drops.

Closer to the water, Mutanda Lake Resort is another quality destination. More conservatively designed than Chameleon Hill Lodge, it has a simple but stylish design, with a combination of single, double and family chalets, plus a dining area and bar.