Waka Forestry Project
"This project is wholly dedicated to enhancing biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and promoting sustainable land management through reforestation, afforestation, and capacity building in agroforestry.
For your Planet-Travel Series
We host quarterly safaris, involving tourists in plastic recovery, tree planting, and sustainable land managemeant capacity building in major regions of the country.
Reduce the amount of waste & pollution from tourism
Conserve Me-Rural Program
Our project empowers women and youth with alternative skills in Agroforestry, Agriculture, crafts making, and smart farming to mitigate wetland and forest encroachment.
Regenerative Agriculture
Our regenerative agriculture project in Uganda rejuvenates depleted lands, promoting sustainable farming and environmental vitality, while also empowering local communities.
Print My Gem
"We utilize clothing adorned with diverse gem prints, sold to tourists, with proceeds dedicated to bolstering our environmental & social rehabilitation initiatives within host communities."
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Waka Natures has revolutionalised tourism to drive climate action

Waka Natures is a vital force of positive change in Uganda, marrying sustainable tourism, environmental conservation, community empowerment, and cultural preservation to create a holistic approach to development. By leveraging the transformative power of tourism, we breathe life into marginalized communities, regenerating ecosystems, alleviating poverty, and preserving indigenous cultures. Our commitment is to serve as a beacon of hope, catalyzing a brighter, more sustainable future for the planet, where the harmonious coexistence of people and nature thrives, offering travelers enriching experiences that make a meaningful difference.

Project highlights​

Join sustainable projects, awareness workshops and community engagements that encourage people in Uganda to use the challenge of plastic waste to improve their communities and lives as well as fight climate change.


Waka Natures promotes environmental conservation by engaging tourists in various activities such as tree planting, wildlife conservation, and waste management initiatives.


Tourists can participate in community-based conservation projects, such as supporting local farmers, beekeeping, and handicrafts production, which contribute to biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods.


Education and awareness-raising activities, such as nature walks and talks, cultural exchanges, and volunteer programs, are also available to tourists, promoting a deeper understanding of the local environment and culture.


Waka Natures also supports the use of renewable energy, such as solar power, in tourism operations, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a low-carbon tourism industry.