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Welcome to Waka Natures, an ecotourism and volunteer company based in Uganda. We specialize in offering unique eco-tourism experiences to clients while utilizing the power of tourism as a catalyst to fight climate change through promoting sustainable tour practices and organising environmental recovery programs such as tree planting.

Sustainable Tourism Experiences At Waka Nature, we believe that tourism can be a force for good. We curate exceptional and immersive tourism experiences that not only showcase Uganda's natural wonders but also ensure the preservation of its delicate ecosystems. By choosing our sustainable tourism offerings, you contribute directly to the conservation of the environment while enjoying unforgettable adventures.

Volunteer Opportunities We provide volunteering programs that enable individuals like you to make a positive impact on local communities and the environment. Our volunteer opportunities revolve around environmental recovery to restore and rejuvenate the environment. By volunteering, you actively participate in creating a greener and more resilient future for Uganda and its people.

Empowering Host Communities: We strongly believe in the power of community empowerment. By partnering with local communities, we aim to uplift and support their efforts in sustainable agriculture practices. We prioritize collaboration, cultural exchange, and fair economic opportunities that benefit the host communities directly. Your involvement with Waka Nature contributes to the growth and resilience of these communities, helping them thrive sustainably.

Join Our Mission: When you choose Waka Nature, you become part of a movement that combats climate change and adheres to sustainable tourism practices. Whether you're seeking an extraordinary tourism experience or a fulfilling volunteer opportunity, we offer you a chance to make a tangible difference. Embark on a journey with us today and discover the beauty of Uganda while actively contributing to its sustainable future.
Together, let's create a greener, more sustainable world.
Rogers Walakira

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Jordan Lumumba


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Our Vision

Empowering communities and conserving nature for a sustainable future

Our Mission

To empower host communities in Uganda protect and preserve the most vulnerable destinations through sustainable ecotourism and providing volunteer opportunities.

Safari fleet

Waka Natures operates a modern and well-maintained safari fleet that is designed to provide maximum comfort and safety to our customers. Our fleet includes a variety of vehicles suitable for different terrains, ranging from 4×4 safari vehicles to minibuses and buses.
Our safari vehicles are equipped with comfortable seats, large windows for game viewing, and a pop-up roof for better visibility. We prioritize safety and ensure that our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards.


Waka Natures offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences, from luxury lodges to comfortable tented camps and homestays. Our accommodation partners are carefully selected based on their commitment to sustainable tourism practices and environmental conservation.
We prioritize comfort and convenience and ensure that our accommodations are well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities. Our lodges and tented camps are located in scenic locations, offering breathtaking views of Uganda’s natural beauty.
In addition to providing comfortable accommodations, we are committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices and supporting local communities. We work closely with our accommodation partners to ensure that they promote responsible tourism initiatives and support local development.

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